From bespoke to prêt-à-porter

Hanna Korsar is a Tallinn based designer label that offers a unique selection of timeless and flattering bridal and womenswear items for contemporary women who love playfulness and modern sensibility of clothes.

Her style reflects ageless elegance-inspired aesthetic, impeccable craftsmanship and time-honoured couture techniques and artisan decorations and the refine use of colour.

It’s easy to dress a model or to create a collection for a muse, but it’s actually very fulfilling to dress a real person who has a regular body. To make them feel amazing and look astonishing, that is actually priceless, that is why I love this work. It’s very satisfying when a bride puts on a gown you have been spent lots of creation hours, and you see and feel that they really love it.

Each item is special, I do feel I’m emotionally attached to every item I design, because each item is a work of art. And not only bespoke gowns, but also my prêt-à-porter collection, where I use all my expertise gathered from work, I have collected design custom-made items.

I like to transform people, not to be someone else, but to be the best version of themselves. I do believe that it’s really important, that the clothes you wear are comfortable, that you could have fun in them and most importantly – they make you feel like yourself. Doesn’t matter if it’s your wedding day or just a random day in your life. We should celebrate every day.

Hanna Korsar

To dress in delight

For the last 15+ years, Hanna has specialised in bridal and eveningwear, creating unique items to treasure for those memorable moments. She defines bridal couture with her meticulous attention to details and perfectly fitted silhouettes.

Her aim is to create an unmistakable woman-centred design aesthetic, unique to each and every customer. Each bespoke item is handmade in the Tallinn atelier from the finest imported silks, laces, and embroideries and assembled with excellent craftsmanship.

At Hanna Korsar’s atelier, they take a conscious approach to how they create. Their bridal gowns are mostly made to order, every garment has a purpose and is made all the more special by the milestones they are a part of. They design gowns from the scratch and their customers are always involved in the process.

Sophisticated style for contemporary women

The hallmarks of the Hanna Korsar’s atelier include a creative approach to volume, colour, and silhouette. Hanna believes that every woman should wear clothes they can actually function and look great in.

Since 2016, Hanna Korsar has embarked on a new journey by developing prêt-à-porter collections for everyday celebrations, specialising in timeless and feminine yet playful and effortless womenswear.

Hanna’s collection style is sometimes related to the bold and the mysterious, sometimes the sensual and the sensitive, but always to the supreme tailoring and thoughtful design.

Prêt-à-porter collections are sold exclusively on her website and via carefully selected retailers.


For years now, her fashion house has become the first thought for brides-to-be. It is Hanna’s long experience that gives her the conviction and understanding how fabrics work, how to shape a body with thoughtful design and the complexities of pattern cutting. Hanna has the ability to fit and flatter a woman’s physique with desired designs. Every bespoke item and collection come to life at the expert hands of her atelier’s talented seamstresses.

Our ethos

Self-confidence includes the existence of happiness

We put a great deal of thought into designing each and every item to ensure that they complement every wearer. For us it’s important that Hanna Korsar items will find its use in endless occasions and last longer than a season or even generation. It is the wear-forever appeal we are obsessed of.

A flattering silhouette is timeless. The majority of our design process is dedicated to perfecting the cut of our clothes, polishing every detail and testing every fabric. It’s a lengthy process, but the reward is in the final item.

Inventiveness in the design means versatility. We always suggest to find yourself something that blends into your wardrobe. It’s important that a new clothing works for all your other essentials. You invest in one item; you invest in multiple looks.

Artisan techniques and quality textiles are used throughout the collections to create the ethereal and timeless Hanna Korsar aesthetic. Timeless styles together with modern sensibility give our collections a longevity. We are committed to the items that are covetable now and forever, for style that lasts.

My story

I was raised in Tartu, Estonia’s second largest city. From early childhood, I worked in my mother’s home atelier. This has given me an extensive experience how to work with women, what they feel and how they want to feel. After winning my first young talent award in the Supernova fashion designers’ competition when I was 17, I decided to become an artist and started studying textile art at Tartu Art College. For a year, I subsequently studied in Finland, namely fashion and styling at the Institute of Art and Design. I graduated in 2005 and started working as purchasing agent for textiles at Sangar, a designer shirts company. After years of being an editor in a fashion magazine and a stylist for many artists, I decided to focus on my own brand. My atelier was opened in 2008, focusing on my unique design.

Our commitment

A commitment to carefully crafted items is at the heart of who we are and what we do

We believe that becoming a more sustainable brand is a journey where every doing matters. Step by step, we move forward reviewing habits and using new knowledge as an effort to be better as a company – for people and for nature.

Our studio donates unused textiles and leftovers to local schools. I myself, my brother Karl and mother Helle are all art and handicraft teachers. We all believe in the importance of supporting our next generation of creatives and makers by passing on our own skills and experience.

To avoid overproduction, we believe it is always better to produce less than more. That’s why sometimes we have only 2-3 items from one design. Our collection and range are small.

We are committed to supporting Estonians small ateliers and are proud to say that 100% of our garments are designed and made in Estonia.

Sometimes the simplest silhouettes can have the most impact.